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Mense, Mario;Scheideler, Christian:

SPREAD: An Adaptive Scheme for Redundant and Fair Storage in Dynamic Heterogeneous Storage Systems.

In: 19th ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (SODA), San Francisco, California, USA, 20.-22. Febr.,, Jan. 2008


We study the problem of designing an adaptive hash table for redundant data storage in a system of storage devices with arbitrary capacities. Ideally, such a hash table should make sure that (a) a storage device with x% of the available capacity should get x% of the data, (b) the copies of each data item are distributed among the storage devices so that no two copies are stored at the same device, and (c) only a near-minimum amount of data replacements is necessary to preserve (a) and (b) under any change in the system. Hash tables satisfying (a) and (c) are already known, and it is not difficult to construct hash tables satisfying (a) and (b). However, no hash table is known so far that can satisfy all three properties as long as this is in principle possible. We present a strategy called SPREAD that solves this problem for the first time. As long as (a) and (b) can in principle be satisfied, SPREAD preserves (a) for every storage device nearly optimal, with high probability, guarantees (b) for every data item, and only needs a constant factor more data replacements than minimum possible in order to preserve (a) and (b).




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