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Frahling, Gereon;Krokowski, Jens:

Online Occlusion Culling.

In: Proc. of the 13th Annual European Symposium on Algorithms (ESA 2005), LNCS, Band 3669 , S. 758-769, 3. - 6. Okt. 2005, Springer Verlag


Modern computer graphics systems are able to render sophisticated 3D szenes consisting of millions of polygons. In this paper we address the problem of occlusion culling. Aila, Miettinen, and Nordlund suggested to implement a FIFO buffer on graphics cards which is able to delay the polygons before drawing them. When one of the polygons within the buffer is occluded or masked by another polygon arriving later from the application, the rendering engine can drop the occluded one without rendering, saving important rendering time.
We introduce a theoretical online model to analyse these problems in theory using competitive analysis. For different cost measures addressed we invent the first competitive algorithms for online occlusion culling. Our implementation shows that these algorithms outperform known ones for real 3D scenes as well.


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