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Publikationen von Christoph Danne

Unsere Publikationen aus dem Jahr 2011:

Danne, Christoph; Dangelmaier, Wilhelm; Häusler, Petra: Complexity-induced production and inventory cost in consumer goods supply chain. In: Innovation in Product and Production, 21st International Conference on Production Research, 31. Jul. - 4. Aug. 2011 (Details)

Unsere Publikationen aus dem Jahr 2010:

Danne, Christoph; Häusler, Petra: Assessing the Effects of Assortment Complexity in Consumer Goods Supply Chains. In: Advanced Manufacturing and Sustainable Logistics, Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing, Band 46 , S. 118--129, Apr. 2010, Springer (Details)

Blecken, Alexander; Dangelmaier, Wilhelm; Danne, Christoph; Rottkemper, Beate; Hellingrath, Bernd: Optimal Stock Relocation under Uncertainty in Post-Disaster Humanitarian Operations. In: Proceedings of the 43rd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Jan. 2010 IEEE, IEEE Computer Society Press (Details)

Unsere Publikationen aus dem Jahr 2009:

Danne, Christoph; Dangelmaier, Wilhelm: Setting Planning Buffers in MRP Driven Manufacturing Networks Considering Their Implications on Safety Stock Cost. In: Proceedings of the of the 13 IFAC Symposium on Information Control Problems in Manufacturing, Moscow, Russia, Jun. 2009 IFAC, Elsevier Science (Details)

Blecken, Alexander; Rottkemper, Beate; Danne, Christoph; Hellingrath, Bernd: A Typology of Operations Research Methods in Humanitarian Logistics. In: Proceedings of the Second International Humanitarian Logistics Symposium, Faringdon, Mrz. 2009 (Details)

El-Kebbe, Dania Adnan; Danne, Christoph: On Adapting Neural Network to Cellular Manufacturing. In: Bertelle, Cyrille; Duchamp, Gerard H.E. (Hrsg.) Complex Systems and Self-organization Modelling, Understanding Complex Systems, S. 83-93. Springer, Berlin / Heidelberg, 2009 (Details)

Unsere Publikationen aus dem Jahr 2008:

Danne, Christoph; Blecken, Alexander; Dangelmaier, Wilhelm: Complexity-induced Uncertainty in Supply Chains - A Framework and Case Studies. In: Robuste und sichere Logistiksysteme - 4. Wissenschaftssymposium Logistik der BVL, S. 71-81, München, Jun. 2008 (Details)

Dangelmaier, Wilhelm; Altemeier, Simon; Danne, Christoph; Gans, Jan Erik: Optimierung vernetzter Produktions- und Logistiksysteme. In: 13. Magdeburger Logistiktagung: Netzwerklogistik, S. 3-19, Magdeburg, Mrz. 2008 Otto-von-Guericke Universität Magdeburg (Details)

Unsere Publikationen aus dem Jahr 2007:

Danne, Christoph; Dück, Viktor; Klöpper, Benjamin; Tichy, Matthias: Considering Runtime Restrictions in Self-Healing Distributed Systems. In: Proceedings of the IEEE 21st International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA-07), Niagara Falls, Canada, Jan. 2007, IEEE Computer Society Press (Details)

Unsere Publikationen aus dem Jahr 2006:

El-Kebbe, Dania Adnan; Danne, Christoph: On Adapting Neural Networks To Cellular manufacturing. In: Proceedings of Complex Systems and Self-organization Modelling (CoSSoM 2006), Hawai, USA, 1. Jan. 2006 (Details)

Danne, Christoph; Dück, Viktor; Klöpper, Benjamin: Selfish Motivated Cooperative Planning in Cross Networked Mechatronic System. International Transactions on Systems Science and Applications, 2(2): S. 221-225, Jan. 2006 (Details)

Unsere Publikationen aus dem Jahr 2000:

Dangelmaier, Wilhelm; Danne, Christoph; Döring, Andre: Using k-means for clustering in complex automotive production systems to support a Q-learning-system. In: The 6th IEEE International Conference on cognitive informatics, Lake Tahoe, California, USA, Aug. - Jan. 2000 (Details)