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Publikationen von Michael Ditze

Unsere Publikationen aus dem Jahr 2009:

Unsere Publikationen aus dem Jahr 2008:

Unsere Publikationen aus dem Jahr 2007:

Ditze, Michael: Evaluation of an Ants Colony Optimization based Scheduler for the Transmission of Multimedia Traffic in the 802.11e ECDA. In: Third Workshop on Wireless Multimedia Networking and Performance Modelling , Crete, Greece, Okt. 2007 (Details)

Ditze, Michael; Grawinkel, Matthias: Fuzzy Logic Based Admission Control for Multimedia Streams in the UPnP QoS Architecture. In: Proceedings of the IEEE AINA 2007, Band 2 , Niagara Falls, Canada, Jan. 2007 (Details)

Unsere Publikationen aus dem Jahr 2005:

Ditze, Michael; Drüke, Isabell: Towards End-to-End Quality of Service in Service Oriented Architectures. In: Proceedings of the 3rd International IEEE Conference on Industrial Informatics (INDIN), Perth, Australia, 2005 (Details)

Unsere Publikationen aus dem Jahr 2004:

Löser, Chris; Ditze, Michael; Rammig, Franz-Josef; Altenbernd, Peter: GRUSEL - A Self-optimizing Bandwidth-aware Video on Demand Application. In: Proceedings of the 1st IEEE International Conference on Autonomic Computing (ICAC-2004), New York, 13. Dez. 2004 (Details)

Drüke, Isabell; Ditze, Michael; Bernhardi-Grisson, Reinhard: Combining HAVi and OSGi for Remote Control of Consumer Electronic Devices in Heterogeneous Home Networks. In: In Proceedings of the Workshop on Real Time for Multimedia, Catania, Italy, Jun. 2004 (Details)

Ditze, Michael; Kämper, G.; Drüke, Isabell; Ernst, Rolf; Bernhardi-Grisson, Reinhard: Service Based Access to Distributed Embedded Devices through the Open Service Gateway. In: In Proceedings of the 2nd IEEE International Conference on , Berlin, Germany, Jan. 2004 (Details)

Unsere Publikationen aus dem Jahr 2003:

Ditze, Michael; Bernhardi-Grisson, Reinhard; Kämper, G.; Altenbernd, Peter: Porting the Internet Protocol to the Controller Area Network.. In: 2nd Intl WORKSHOP ON REAL-TIME LANS IN THE INTERNET AGE (RTLIA 2003), Porto, Portugal, 1. Jul. 2003 (Details)

Unsere Publikationen aus dem Jahr 2002:

Loeser, Christoph; Altenbernd, Peter; Ditze, Michael; Müller, Wolfgang: Distributed Video-on-Demand Services on Peer to Peer Basis. In: Int. Workshop on Real-Time LANs in the Internet Age (RTLIA 2002), Jun. 2002 (Details)