SafeBots III

Project Group SafeBots III

In summer term 2012 and winter term 2012/2013 the software engineering group offers a project group. It deals with the systematic development of interacting real-time systems.


May, 7th 2012: Website has been update

  • Important dates for the regular meetings and the seminar moved into an extra section at the bottom of the page

Slides for the PG SafeBots III presentation that was held on January 30, 2012.


Software is getting more and more important in our every days life. Particularly, the functionality of today’s transportation systems such as cars or airplanes is increasingly implemented by software. This growing amount of software can no longer be realized by isolated embedded software components. Instead, the software is built of many interacting software components. This also involves safety-critical components with many real-time requirements such as a car’s braking system. As the communication behavior is a crucial part, flaws in the communication protocols can cause serious damage to matter and occupants.

 In the course of the project group, appropriate methods and tools are developed to validate the requirements of the communication from the beginning, reuse existing, safe communication protocols in the system, and support the execution of a systematic development process. For evaluation and testing, we execute the developed software on the miniature robot “BeBot”.

Evaluation Platform “BeBot”

In course of the project group, we will evaluate the developed concepts and tools using the BeBot platform. The BeBot is a miniature robot that is developed at the University of Paderborn. You will get the chance to work with the robots and to show your evaluation example on them (the evaluation example is yet to be decided). For implementing the models on the BeBot, we will use an existing code generation for the BeBot architecture.

Miniaturroboter BeBot

Meeting Times and Locations

April 4th, 10:00 s.t. in ZM1.02-48 (route to ZM1): initial meeting of the project group (mandatory)

  • Slides of the Kick-Off-Meeting (pdf)

Weekly meeting each Wednesday at 13:30 in ZM1.02-48 except:

  • 19.04.2012: ZM1.03-03
  • 26.04.2012: ZM1.00-09
  • 12.09.2012: ZM1.03-03

The tutorials will start on May 9th, 2012. They will be held each Wednesday at 15:00 in ZM1.02-48 and have a duration of approximately 3 hours.

  • The first tutorial (May 9th) will be held in ZM1.03-03
  • The second tutorial (May 16th) will be held in ZM1.03-03

Important Dates for the Seminar

  • Outline/Literature: Wednesday, May, 2nd 2012
  • Draft for Review: Friday, May, 25th 2012
  • Peer Review and Draft of Presentation: Friday, June, 1st 2012
  • Final Presentation: Friday, June, 15th 2012
  • Final Thesis: Friday, June, 22th 2012
  • The block seminar will be on Monday, June, 18th 2012 from 9 a.m. till approx. 4 p.m.

Important Deadlines

  • mini projects: Friday, July, 13th 2012
  • requirements specification: Friday, August, 10th 2012
  • analysis and design documentation: Friday, September, 14th 2012
  • implementation: Friday, January, 18th 2013
  • final documentation: Friday, February, 8th 2013
  • final presentation: Friday, February, 22th, 2013



Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Schäfer

Supervisors (Contact)

Stefan Dziwok

Jörg Holtmann

Oliver Sudmann


General Information

audienceInformatik; Ingenieurinformatik, Schwerpunkt Maschinenbau
challengesactive cooperation, seminar talk, seminar thesis, design, implementation, presentation of the results
PrüfungsgebietInformatik-Projektgruppe, 3. Studienabschnitt, Modul III.5.1 (Modulhandbuch 2009) bzw. Gebiet Softwaretechnik (SWT) entsprechend der Prüfungsordnung von 2004
required knowledgeBachelor, Java, UML
follow-upsSeminar, Master Thesis



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