Project groups

Respectively WS + SS Project Nanoelectronics

Course No.: L.048.28015

Type: Project group

Credits: 9

Semester: Summer- und winter semester

Schedule and Location:

to be announced

Short description

Clock and data recovery (CDR) circuits


Clock and data recovery (CDR) circuits are commonly used in integrated circuits (IC) for data communication to recover the clock signal from the received data and to retime the data for further processing. Design of circuit components for simple delay locked loop (DLL) based CDRs for NRZ data and advanced CDR architectures for higher modulation schemes like PAM-4 will be undertaken in this project. Additionally, high speed analog to digital converters and the associated sample and hold circuits will also be designed as part of this project. Each participant of the project will design an individual constituent component of one of the above circuits. The design of the component will include schematic design and simulations as well as circuit layout using tools from Cadence Design
System. The target semiconductor technology is the 65 nm CMOS technology from TSMC.


  • Learn to use modern industry standard IC design software
  • Develop a circuit from schematic to layout in a modern CMOS technology from a commercial foundry
  • Cooperate with other students in the team to define and design circuit interfaces
  • Present results in review meetings and to document them in the form or a written report


Participation in one of the following lecture courses is considered mandatory for participation in this project:

  • „Schaltungstechnik“ from „Bachelor Electrical Engineering“ program of University of Paderborn.
  • "Circuit and System Design“ from „Electrical Systems Engineering“ or “Computer Engineering” programs of University of Paderborn.
  • Other relevant and comparable circuit design oriented lecture courses from another university.

Teaching staff:

M. Sc. Abdul Rehman Javed (, M. Sc. Mohammed Iftekhar, and M. Sc. Chandrasekar Ganesan.

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Respectively SS + WS Electronic System Design / Mixed Signal Design

Course No.: L.048.98032 / L.048.28032

Type: Project group

Credits: 9

Semester: Summer semester potentially extended to 12 months

Schedule and Location:

Introduction meeting: April 18, 2018, 10:00 -12:00 (c.t.), room F0.560

µ-Seminar:                  April 25, 2018, 10:00am(c.t.), room F0.560

Weekly meeting:        Wednesday, on agreement

Short description

circuit design


The System and Circuit Technology group in collaboration with the Distributed Embedded Systems group offer a Project Group on the topic of visible light communication (VLC) for vehicular networking.
Vehicular VLC offers a new communication opportunity for vehicular networking applications. The majority of the proposed vehicular networking applications based on RF communication, namely WLAN or cellular technologies. However due to the limited RF spectrum, VLC has been considered as an access technology too.
Besides the huge and license-free spectrum, VLC has other advantages. It allows secure communication since the communication link is directional and any interception cannot go unnoticed. On the other hand in an outdoor scenario, such as car-to-car communication, VLC is susceptible to ambient light and weather conditions.
The objective of this project group is to develop a transmitter PCB for a modern matrix LED headlight and a LED taillight. The development of a control circuit for spatial multiplexing is optional. Previous project groups developed a prototype PCB for a LED headlight.

Teaching staff:

Agon Memedi,

Claas Tebruegge,

Stephan Kruse,


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WS Applied programming

Course No.: L.048.10502

Contact: Dr. Wolfgang Müller

Type: 2P

Credits: 2

Semester: Wintersemester

Schedule and Location:

Block course, t.b.a., whole-time


In this course the learned knowledge about programming with C / C ++ given in the lecture data processing is practically applied and demonstrated with a software application based on a practical task in small groups under the guidance of tutors. The course is offered as a block course and carried out by several departments of the institute of electrical engineering at the same time with different tasks. The current dates will be announced in PAUL.

The assignment is done through a written project report.

Respectively SS+WS High-Frequency-IC-design

Course No.: L.048.28033

High frequency IC design

Do not register for the project group „High-frequency-IC-design“ at this point but refer to other project groups of our chair instead. Currently there are no topics offered for this project group.
New topics for this project group will be offered whenever there will be demand from one off our research projects.