At the heart of Germany, midway between the Northern Lowlands and the mountainous central region, the charming city of Paderborn is situated. The city‘s wider community extends across eastern North-Rhine Westphalia and encompasses a catchment area of half a million people, the majority of whom live in the more rural outlying villages. With over 1200 years of history to its credit, it is steeped in historical tradition which has shaped the cityscape. The many parks and green spaces beginning right by the shopping precinct at Pader Springs are much appreciated by city-dwellers and visitors alike. Paderborn‘s appeal thus lies in the combination of many different qualities. Ancient and modern, sacred and spiritual, economic and political are all combined, each contributing to the city‘s distinctive character. More information on Paderborn can be found on the city's website.


The Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum is the world’s biggest computer museum, as well as a vibrant venue. The 5,000-year history, present and future of information technology is depicted over 6,000 m² of floorspace, from the origins of numbers and characters in 3,000 B.C. all the way to the computer age of the 21st century. The 2,000-plus objects on show are presented within the broad context of social and economic history, making the exhibition appealing to laymen and computer experts alike. The extensive offering of events in the MuseumsForum complements the exhibition. Lectures, workshops and conferences focus on aspects of the far-reaching influence exerted by information technologies on both man and society at large. Thus the remit of the HNF is to address the issues of man’s guidance and education in the present-day information society.

HNF is not only the world's largest computer museum but also a modern conference centre. The permanent exhibition depicts the history of information technology in a journey through time spanning five millennia, from the origins of numbers and characters right up to the 21st century. Visitors will find hightech exhibits waiting to be tried and tested. New worlds of experience such as robotics, artificial intelligence and mobile communications demonstrate the state of the art in present-day research. In addition to the hands-on experience offered in the permanent exhibition, around 700 annual events impart media competence and intellectual orientation in the information age.

More information can be found at the HNF website.


Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum
Fuerstenallee 7
33102 Paderborn, Germany


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