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Seminar Secure Systems Engineering WS 2020/2021

Course number and language

This is course  L.079.08012

The teaching language will be English. Informal communication in German is permitted.

Panda page

We will provide a Panda page for this course. 

The panda will be used for:

  • Providing material, e.g., slides or templates
  • Handing in Assignments
  • Communication


In this seminar, students will learn basic skills on how to conduct scientific research, which will be useful in their studies and further academic career (Master's thesis, project group, etc.). They will learn how to read, write, present, and give feedback on scientific publications and presentations.

This seminar will be practice-oriented. Therefore, students will be required to actively participate in the seminar. Students will be assigned hot topics in current research and will conduct simple research on their topic under a mentor's guidance.

There will be several intermediate duties, all of which are prerequisites for passing this course! A detailed plan will be published on this website and within Panda.

The proposed research topics will cover Software and Systems Engineering as well as Software and Systems Security. Students will do a literature survey on the topic, extract and compile the information, develop their opinion on the state-of-the-art, write a small article on the topic, present their research, and review their peers' submissions.

Mandatory sessions

The seminar will be comprised of four mandatory sessions. In the remainder of the semester, students will work on their research topic independently, and refer to their mentors when necessary.

This course is expected to be held as an online course! If classroom meetings are possible again, all meetings will take place at building F (Fürstenallee 11, 33102 Paderborn).

Attendance is mandatory for all students registered to the seminar.

The sessions are on the the following days:

  • Meeting 1 (Oct 2020): Organizational matters, topics presentation, and assignments + Workshop on how to write a paper
  • Meeting 2 (Oct 2020): Workshop on how to give a research talk
  • Meeting 3 (Jan 2021): Final Presentations

Learning outcomes:

  • Gather relevant literature.
  • Extract and sum up relevant data from the literature.
  • Express scientific, critical opinion on a research idea.
  • Write a scientific article.
  • Present a piece of research.
  • Provide feedback on a scientific article, or a presentation.

Registration and topic assignments

This semester, several seminar topics are made available to the students. In order to provide quality mentoring for each student, each topic will be assigned to one and one student only.

The list of topics will be found here as soon as it is available.

In order to register for the seminar, students should:

  • Attend the first session. During this session, we will give out instructions on how to apply for each topic. We will announce the topic assignment in the following week.
  • Register on PAUL for the exam of the seminar.


  • Be registered in the Master program at UPB.
  • Be registered to the course "All Seminars Winter Term 2020/21" (L.079.08099) on PAUL and getting assigned to this course after the application procedure for seminars.