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Research Seminar SS2020

The Research Seminar "Software Engineering" is open to all university members.

It will take place bi-weekly on wednesday from 4 to 5 pm in room F0.231 if no other time or room is given below.

Datum Titel Referent Art Bemerkungen
08.04.2020 Delphi Web Application Project Group PG Online
22.04.2020 CogniCrypt++ Project Group PG Online
06.05.2020 Interprocedural Data-Flow Analysis for the Real World Linghui Luo EV Online
20.05.2020 Inferring Security Information from Software Documentation Oshando Johnson AM Online
Analyzing patching durations in software ecosystems Johannes Düsing AM
03.06.2020 Online
17.06.2020 Evaluation of Call Graph Construction For PYTHON Sriteja Kummita M Online
Finding large patterns of evolution in call graphs for complete software histories Catherine Camilla Romiyo M
01.07.2020 CogniCrypt_DOC Ritika Singh AM Online
Automatically Detecting PossibleControl-Flow Attacks in EthereumSmart Contracts Viktor Schimpf AM
15.07.2020 Analyzing C++ Oddities Philipp Schubert EV Online
29.07.2020 Online
12.08.2020 Accelerating Non-Distributive, Data-Flow Analysis Using Value Contexts Ajay Subramanya Kudli Prasanna Kumar AM Online
Targeted Testing Input Generation for Android Applications Fynn Hauptmeier AM
26.08.2020 Evaluating LLVM’s Pointer Analysis Algorithms Sajja Pervaiz AM Online
09.09.2020 TESSERACT: Eliminating Experimental Bias in Malware Classification across Space and Time Johannes Kinder EV Online
23.09.2020 Analyzing patching durations in software ecosystems Johannes Düsing M Online
Analysis of Hard Disk Encryption used for ATMs at Diebold Nixdorf Salih Kayiplar B

Meaning of the column Art:

  • Mastertheses (M),
  • Inaugural Presentation of a Mastertheses (AM)
  • Bachelortheses (B),
  • Inaugural Presentation of a Bachelortheses (AB)
  • Dissertation (Diss),
  • Interim Report - Dissertation (ZDiss),
  • Project Group (PG),
  • Interim Report of a Project Group (ZPG)
  • Invited Talk (EV)

Interim reports are usually shorter and should present the topic and possibly initial solution ideas