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Research Seminar SS2019

The Research Seminar "Software Engineering" is open to all university members.

It will take place bi-weekly on wednesday from 4 to 5 pm in room F0.231 if no other time or room is given below.

Datum Titel Referent Art Bemerkungen
10.04.2019 ABM - Automated Benchmark Management Project Group PG Raum FU.511
Omniscient Debugging for Static Analysis Marcus Nachtigall M
24.04.2019 How to statically detect insecure uses of cryptography - at scale and with almost perfect precision Eric Bodden
08.05.2019 Präprozessor Makros in C/C++ und deren Auswirkungen auf den abstrakten Syntaxbaum Tobias Wilker B
Integration of Multiple Static Analysis Tools in a Single Interface Sandeep Varma Ganaraju AM
22.05.2019 User Experience for Security-Critical Command-Line Applications Joseph Bienhuels AB
05.06.2019 Vulnerabilities in Java 9 Modules Ralf Keller B Raum F1.310
Metastudy on Static Program Analysis Evaluation Design Anitha Lakshminarayan AM
03.07.2019 Codebase-Adaptive Detection of Security-Relevant Methods Goran Piskachev Start: 15:30
Indexing Open-Source JavaScript Repositories Ankur Gupta M
Library Minification using Precise Static Program Analysis Michél Burkhardt M
10.07.2019 CogniCrypt++ - Bringing Secure Cryptography to C/C++ Applications with PhASAR Project Group ZPG
Delphi - Mining Software Ecosystems using Static Program Analysis Project Group ZPG
14.08.2019 Path Conditions to Enhance Comprehension of Cryptographic Misuses Sven Vinkemeier M
CogniCrypt_FIX - Repairing Misuses of Crypto APIs André Sonntag AM
28.08.2019 Automatisiertes Building für Open Source Software Thoren Grüttemeier B
Indexing Open-Source C/C++ Repositories Daniel Braun AM
11.09.2019 WALA JavaScript Introduction Julian Dolby EV
Automatically Finding Illicit Dataflow in Ethereum Smart Contracts Jörn Koepe AM
18.09.2019 Towards alias-aware data-flow analysis for memory-unsafe programming languages Martin Mory EV Raum F1.110
Datenvisualisierung für verbundene und wachsende Softwarekomponenten Tjark Meyer B

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