Research Seminar SS2019

The Research Seminar "Software Engineering" is open to all university members.

It will take place bi-weekly on wednesday from 4 to 5 pm in room F0.231 if no other time or room is given below.

Datum Titel Referent Art Bemerkungen
09.10.2019 Call Graph Construction for Spring Framework Mugdha Khedkar EV
23.10.2019 Integration of Multiple Static Analysis Tools in a Single Interface Sandeep Varma Ganaraju M
Explaining Static Analysis - A Perspective Marcus Nachtigall EV
06.11.2019 User Experience for Security-Critical Command-Line Applications Joseph Bienhüls B
A Qualitative Analysis of Android Taint-Analysis Results Linghui Luo EV
20.11.2019 PREPARE-Probevortrag Eric Bodden EV Group internal! No visitors please!
Finding large patterns of evolution in call graphs for complete software histories Catherine Camilla Romiyo AM Open for other visitors from ca. 16:30 on.
04.12.2019 Metastudy on Static Program Analysis Evaluation Design Anitha Lakshminarayan M
Evaluation of Call Graph Construction For PYTHON Sriteja Kummita AM
18.12.2019 Targeted Testing Input Generator for Android Applications Nishitha Shivegowda AM Raum FU.511
15.01.2020 Raum FU.511
29.01.2020 CogniCrypt_TESTGEN - Automatically Generating Test Cases From CrySL Specifications Rakshit Krishnappa Ravi AM Raum F0.225
A concept for security matching in cyber-physical systems Juanita Nganfo B
12.02.2020 Indexing Open-Source C/C++Repositories Daniel Braun M
26.02.2020 Jimple LSP Support - IDE Unterstützung für Jimple Markus Schmidt AB
11.03.2020 Automatically Finding Illicit Dataflow in Ethereum Smart Contracts Jörn Koepe M Raum: F1.310
Transforming Taint to Typestate Specifications Alexander Sebastian Lorisch AM
25.03.2020 Delphi - Mining Software Ecosystems using Static Program Analysis Project Group PG
CogniCrypt++ - Bringing Secure Cryptography to C/C++ Applications with PhASAR Project Group PG

Meaning of the column Art:

  • Mastertheses (M),
  • Inaugural Presentation of a Mastertheses (AM)
  • Bachelortheses (B),
  • Inaugural Presentation of a Bachelortheses (AB)
  • Dissertation (Diss),
  • Interim Report - Dissertation (ZDiss),
  • Project Group (PG),
  • Interim Report of a Project Group (ZPG)
  • Invited Talk (EV)

Interim reports are usually shorter and should present the topic and possibly initial solution ideas