Triple Graph Grammars (TGGs) are a formalism for the rule-based specification of mappings between different kinds of graphs resp. different kinds of models. In particular, TGGs can be employed for model-to-model (M2M) transformations. In contrast to many other model transformation languages, the developer does not have to “program” a sequence of model transformation steps, but specifies graphical rules that describe the mapping between model patterns. This declarative description can be operationalized by a transformation engine for the transformation of models. Under certain circumstances it is even possible that the transformation can be performed in a forward and backward direction.

The TGG Interpreter Tool Suite provides tools for the specification and execution of TGG-based model-to-model (M2M) transformations within the Eclipse platform. Transformations can be executed between models of the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF). The main features of the TGG Interpreter Tool Suite are:

  • a graphical editor for specifying the TGG rules, including a meta-model-sensitive editing support
  • use of OCL statements for attribute value assignments and constraints
  • support for generalization (inheritance) relationships among TGG rules