Recovery and Reengineering of Component-based Software Architectures

Nowadays, software used in business information systems is very large and therefore difficult to maintain and extend. To handle this complexity, component-based software architectures which break up the system into a number of small-scale, logical components are employed. However, the long life-time of these systems leads to the unwanted introduction of deficiencies into the architecture, an effect known as architecture erosion.

In this PhD project, different techniques are used to recover software architectures from source code, detect deficiencies in these architectures, and support the developer in removing the deficiencies. The analysis techniques allow the identification of components that are promising for a deficiency detection. They can also identify which deficiencies have a large negative impact on the architecture and how the architecture would be influenced if those deficiencies were removed.

The concepts developed in this project are implemented on the tool Archimetrix.

Contact: Markus von Detten