Scalability Engineering for Cloud Computing Applications

Cloud computing offers software companies a promising approach for saving costs. In the past, costs accrued from owning computing equipment. Today, cloud computing enables companies to pay only for utilizing computing equipment which they rent. Software companies need, consequently, to engineer their software for minimum utilization of rented equipment to achieve minimum cost. The key property that optimizes this minimization is scalability, i.e., the system's ability to make use of additional resources.

The engineering of scalable systems is both valuable and challenging. Therefore, this dissertation project examines design and analysis methods  for software architects supporting this engineering process. The dissertation project potentially extends the Palladio Component Model to enable model-driven scalability analyses. Furthermore, it identifies and evaluates best practices in designing scalable cloud computing applications. 

The results of the dissertation will be transfered to the EU FP7 project "CloudScale".

Contact: Sebastian Lehrig