Fujaba Tool Suite

Fujaba is an intergrated development environment for the model-driven software development. Fujaba has a modular structure and is built of numerous extendable tools (plug-ins) that support modeling and analysing software as well as code generation and interpretation of models.

In its original version, Fujaba offered tools for modelling the structure of the developed software with class diagrams and modelling the behaviour with story diagrams. These models were used to generate executable Java source code. Meanwhile, such models can be executed directly by means of an interpreter.

The tool suite's acronym, from UML to Java and back again, stems from the initial goal of not only generating (Java) code out of software models in forward engineering tasks, but also deriving software design models (UML class and story diagrams) from given source code during reverse engineering tasks. The original tools built for this purpose have been integrated into the follow-up projects Reclipse and Archimetrix.

Besides that, Fujaba also offers tools for the development of embedded systems. The tools built for this purpose can be found in the Fujaba Realtime Tool suite, where the modelling language MeachtronicUML is applied.

The Fujaba tools and corresponding projects as well as infromation about related conferences and developer workshops can be found on the Fujaba web site www.fujaba.de.