Completed Projects


With the steadily rising number of comfort, drive and driver-assistant systems in modern cars, the need for more computing power in vehicles is...more


The AMALTHEA4public project is part of the ITEA 3 programme and builds on the result of several other projects like AMALTHEA, CESAR, MBAT, CRYSTAL,...more


Archimetrix combines clustering and pattern detection techniques to recover the architecture of a software system from source code. While the...more

Automatic Migration of Application Software Components to a Cloud-Computing Environment (AACC)

Business Information Systems are used across industries by enterprises of any sizes to address the increasing competition by the effective management...more


TEMPUS Project: "Bosnia and Herzegovina Qualifications Framework For Higher Education"more


Benchmarking as a tool for improvement of higher education institution performancemore

CloudScale - Scalability Management for Cloud Computing

Cloud computing offers companies a promising approach for saving costs when running their software: they only have to pay the amount of hardware that...more

CodeShield – Discover security vulnerabilities along the software supply chain

CodeShield is the first security tool that can automatically detect new and unknown security vulnerabilities - both in the project's own code and in...more

ENTIME - Design Methods for Intelligent Mechatronics

The research project „Design methods for intelligent Mechatronics“ (ENTIME) aims at improving the innovation power of modern mechanical engineering....more


European Research and Educational Collabo­ration with Western Balkansmore

Finding and Demonstrating Undesired Program Behavior (TESTIFY)

In this joint project with Andreas Zeller from Saarland University we try to combine techniques from static analysis, test-case generation and...more

Fraunhofer Attract

An idea becomes an innovation, if it comes to use. The grant »Fraunhofer Attract« offers outstanding external scientists the opportunity to develop...more

Fujaba Tool Suite

Fujaba is an intergrated development environment for the model-driven software development. Fujaba has a modular structure and is built of numerous...more

Hazard Analysis for Reconfigurable Real-time Systems

Self-optimizing mechatronic system often are applied in safety-critical environments. They have to satisfy high safety constraints. This requires a...more

GoRETech – Go Runtime Enforcement Techniques

The goal of the project is to develop and apply static analysis and dynamic enforcement techniques and tools for the highly concurrent programming...more

CROSSING - Cryptography-Based Security Solutions: Enabling Trust in New and Next Generation Computing Environments (copy 2)

Within the DFG's Collaborative Research Center (Sonderforschungsbereich) 1119, CROSSING, we are heading the project on the Secure Integration of...more


Smart and Green Technologies for In­novative and Sustainable Societies in Western Balkansmore

INTERFLOW: Hybrid Static/Dynamic Inter-application Data-flow Analysis

In this project within the DFG Priority Program 1496 Reliably Secure Software Systems we research how Android apps of untrusted sources can be...more

Model Consistency Management for Mechatronic Systems

The development of complex mechatronic systems requires the close collaboration of different disciplines, like mechanical, electrical, control, and...more


The FP7-STReP-Project "NetIDE" aims to provide an integrated development environment (IDE) to support the development process of...more

NRW-Fortschrittskolleg „Gestaltung von flexiblen Arbeitswelten – Menschen-zentrierte Nutzung von Cyber-Physical Systems in Industrie 4.0“

Im NRW-Fortschrittskolleg „Gestaltung von flexiblen Arbeitswelten“ befassen sich Doktorandinnen und Doktoranden der Universitäten Bielefeld und...more

Palladio Component Model

The Palladio Component Model (PCM) is a domain specific modeling language to describe component-based software architectures. It is designed to...more

Performance Engineering for Self-Adaptive Systems

The resource-efficient operation of software systems is a goal of research and industrie. In order to achieve this , software systems need to...more

Provably secure program executions through declaratively defined dynamic program analyses (RUNSECURE)

Within the Emmy Noether project RUNSECURE we develop a novel programming language for developing provably correct dynamic analyses and security...more


The Q-ImPrESS project aims at bringing service orientation to critical software systems, such as industrial production control, telecommunication and...more


The project described in the following has meanwhile expired and is unfortunately no longer pursued by us!more


Reclipse is a reverse engineering tool for the automatic detection of patterns in source code. A pattern is a general, reusable solution to a...more

Runtime Verification beyond Monitoring (ARVI)

This Action aims to build expertise by putting together active researchers in different aspects of runtime verification, and meeting with experts...more

Security analysis of the Java Runtime

In this project, funded by an Oracle Collaborative Research grant, we investigate how one can detect vulnerabilities automatically in code bases as...more

CRC 614 "Self-optimizing concepts and structures in mechanical engineering"

The Collaborative Research Centre 614 „Self-optimizing concepts and structures in mechanical engineering” (CRC 614) is now nine years old and in the...more

Scalability Engineering for Cloud Computing Applications

Cloud computing offers software companies a promising approach for saving costs. In the past, costs accrued from owning computing equipment. Today,...more

SPES 2020

The national innovation alliance “Software Platform Embedded Systems 2020” (SPES 2020) works on solutions for the cross-domain and model-based...more

[Translate to English:] Verteilte Synthese

Scenario-based Synthesis of Distributed Mechatronic Systems

When developing safety-critical mechatronic systems, a faulty implementation can lead to high costs. Typically the costs caused by faults increase...more


Triple Graph Grammars (TGGs) are a formalism for the rule-based specification of mappings between different kinds of graphs resp. different kinds of...more

Fuzzy Matching of Service Specifications in On-The-Fly Computing

In the vision of “On-The-Fly Computing”, we promotethe automatic composition of services provided on worldwidemarkets. In order discover servicesthat...more

Verification and Simulation of self-optimizing mechatronic Systems

Self-optimizing mechatronic systems adapt their software to their changing environment by themselves. This is called reconfiguration. If several...more


Using european roads has never been safer than in 2013, as shown by current statistics. Nevertheless, the risk of fatal accidents at night is...more

Tool-Aided Use of Software Design Patterns in Model-Driven Software Development

When developing complex, long-living software systems, approved design solutions in form of design patterns are applied to achieve desired software...more

Recovery and Reengineering of Component-based Software Architectures

Nowadays, software used in business information systems is very large and therefore difficult to maintain and extend. To handle this complexity,...more