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16th Symposium for Foresight and Technology Planning

2nd and 3rd December 2021 in Berlin

Location: Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences

The Focus of the Symposium: Product and Technology Planning

Strategic competence is becoming more and more important, this means the early recognition of tomorrow's potential for success and development of these success potentials right in time. Asking customers only helps to a very limited extent, because they can barely predict what problems they will encounter tomorrow. Therefore it is hardly possible for companies to develop products on this basis. For this reason, the basic prerequisite for successful strategic action is the imaginative anticipation of developments in markets, technologies and business environments (industry, suppliers, politics, society, etc.).

The systematic foresight illustrates the opportunities that lie at the intersection of future market requirements (market pull) and the technological possibilities of tomorrow (technology push), but also the threats to today's established business. This provides the basis for R&D orders and corresponding investment decisions.