M. Sc. Philipp Schubert

M. Sc. Philipp Schubert

Philipp Schubert is research assistant in the research group Secure Software Engineering.

Fachgruppe Secure Software Engineering
Heinz Nixdorf Institut
Universit├Ąt Paderborn
F├╝rstenallee 11
33102 Paderborn
telephone:+49 5251 60-6571
facsimile:+49 5251 60-6565

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pdschubert/

GaZAR: https://www.gazar.eu/philipp-schubert/

Personal webpage: http://it-schubert.com/philipp/

Short biography

Philipp Schubert studied Bioinformatics & Genome Research at Bielefeld University. He finished his studies in 2016 with the degree Master of Science. In his thesis he optimized and implemented an algorithm for large-scale multidimensional scaling.

After his studies, he started his Ph.D. project in the department of Software Engineering lead by Prof. Dr. Eric Bodden at the Heinz Nixdorf Institut. His work focuses on static program analysis. His research interests include program analysis and high performance computing. For several years now, he has been teaching a full-term course on C/C++ programming. Philipp is the initiator and chief developer of the Phasar static analysis framework.

Since 2017, Philipp is a member of Paderborn University's Collaborative Research Center 901 - On-The-Fly Computing (OTF Computing). Within the scope of the CRC, in subproject B4, he applies proof-carrying code techniques in On-The-Fly Computing and develops novel methods and concepts to ensure that the provided services satisfy desired properties.