On this page you will find infomation about our current projects. You will get an overview of our completed projects via the following link:

Completed Projects


Just-in-time analysismore


A Jimple-based Reverse-Engineering framework for Android and Java applications.more


FlowDroid is a context-, flow-, field-, object-sensitive and lifecycle-aware static taint analysis tool for Android applications.more

Phasar - A LLVM-based static code analysis framework

Phasar is a novel static-analysis framework on top of LLVM. Phasar provides various solvers that allow the solving of arbitrary monotone data-flow...more

Soot – Static code analysis and transformation for Java

Soot is one of the most widely used analysis and transformation frameworks for Java bytecode and source code. Soot features a wide-range of...more

TamiFlex – Taming Reflection in Java Programs

TamiFlex is our solution to the dreaded “reflection problem” in static program analysis for Java. Using reflection, Java programs can invoke methods...more


Debugging static analysismore