Virtual Prototyping and Simulation

The Internet portal ViProSim addresses companies, who want to improve their product developing process effectively by the use of virtual prototypes and simulation. Virtual prototyping (VP) means to build and analyze computer models of products in development and production systems. It saves time and money, since the building and testing on real prototypes can be seduced as much as possible. ViProSim transfers knowledge, gives first consultation and provides the contacts to experts and service providers.

Knowledge transfer and consultancy

Knowledge transfer covers procedural models, check lists as well as vivid prepared example projects. A procedural model describes e.g. the execution of virtual design reviews in product development. This includes the representation of the application possibilities and use of the methods, suggestions for their integration in the product development process and in the IT system environment of the company. Check lists help the company to estimate their own situation, e.g. when introducing a new software package. By doing so it can be judged quickly whether the necessary preconditions (e.g. availability of data e.g. 3D-models, qualified personnel, hardware etc.) exist. The company can measure by doing this, how much work is to be carried out for an introduction of the method and/or the tool (training of the employees, optimization of the process chain, supply of interfaces etc.). Companies can benefit from the experiences of others with the help of example projects (“Best Practice”), e.g. a project about the application of an augmented reality system for product presentation. The example projects are described in detail, existing problems and their solutions are described, as well as a usage evaluation are presented.

Qualified provision of contacts to providers

ViProSim regards itself as neutral broker between the customers, who look for tools and services within the area “virtual prototyping & simulation”, and the providers, who offer these. The qualified connection between both parties is guaranteed by a preceding independent performance evaluation of the providing companies. A company profile of the provider with information is provided here, e.g. the performance, and the company development. A performance evaluation of the provider by reference customers helps future customers to select the best provider.

Model project OWL ViProSim

The development of the portal started in September 2006, together with companies, universities, federation/associations as well as the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the region East Westphalia- Lippe (OWL). The project executing organization is OWL Maschinenbau e.V., a network of over 150 companies of mechanical engineering and industrial electronics of the region OWL. The Ministry for Work, Health and Social of the country North Rhine-Westphalia funded the model project from the European social fund.