The specialized portal for mechatronics – information made easy

The Internet portal TransMechatronic helps to minimize the deficits in “known now” in the companies of the addressed industries. The international competitive capability of modern mechanical engineering will depend strongly onusing the potentials of the mechatronics in the future. In the meantime, a large number of research projects are being conducted – for example the network projects of the BMBF program “research for production of tomorrow” and the call for proposal “more reliable mechatronics systems”. The knowledge of mechatronics is thus present, it must only be used. It becomes clear that the transfer of the results of the actual technology mechatronics into the mainly medium sized companies becomes increasingly important. The Internet portal TransMechatronic does so, by informing about mechatronics, supporting the companies by determination of the action need and providing contacts to experts.

Inform about mechatronics

TransMechatronic makes specialized knowledge about mechatronics available. Besides a generally comprehensible introduction, there are technology profiles about product and production technologies, information about trends as well as about final and current research projects. Topics from analysis to reliability are deepened in 17 expert contributions.

Determine the need for action

The portal offers two possibilities to enter the website. The first possibility is presenting twelve problem fields and the related solutions approaches (expert contributions). Current network projects are accessible in this way. The second possibility is the “development benchmark mechatronics”. With this possibility a company can examine comprehensibly, whether it is fit for mechatronics and if not, which measures are required in the fields of action human, organization and technology.

Providing contacts

We pay special attention to building up a contact data base. Potential cooperation partners, solution providers and experts can be found in this data base. We offer an analysis of the “customer satisfaction”. Only those providers will be accepted, which can hold their promises from the customer’s point of view. Customers are those who require the services in the area of the Mechatronics. By doing so, high-quality contacts are guaranteed. The project TransMechatronic is funded by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research and is attended to by the project executing organization “Research Center Karlsruhe - production and production technologies (PTKA PFT)”.