ConImit – Platform and network against product piracy

The german capital goods industry differentiates itself in international competition by high product quality and innovation. As machines are the most commonly counterfeited products, product piracy threatens both factors. The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) counters this threat by developing technological protection measures. In early 2008, BMBF has started the announcement "Innovation against product piracy." Ten research projects confine the risk of piracy with innovative, technical protection measures. In addition to these research projects, the cross-cutting project "ConImit - Contra Imitatio" was started. Objective of ConImit is to increase the impact and broad effect of these research projects and to promote the application of protection measures against product piracy in the capital goods industry.

Provide information about product safety

The online platform sensitizes the public to the issue of product piracy and provides information about possibilities of protection. Registered users are informed about the latest developments on product safety and upcoming events with newsletters. A catalog, which currently contains about 80 individual protection measures, offers a compact representation of possibilities for companies to proactively protect themselves against product piracy. Every measure is briefly described and instructions in terms how to applicate them are given as well. The registration is free of charge.

Determine the need for action

The project partners Technical University of Munich and Heinz Nixdorf Institute developed a methodology which helps companies to identify the present threat potential and to select appropriate protection measures for its defense. A key element is the combination of existing and innovative protection measures to company-specific protection concepts. For this purpose, a methodology was developed to determine the individual need of action of a company, to derive specific policy options and to create a plan for its implementation. This methodology has been applied successfully in six german companies in the range of 100 to 2,500 employees.

Connecting people

A database of experts offers competent cooperation partners to affected and threatened companies which help to address product piracy effectively with company-specific protection concepts. Thus, the online platform ConImit has become a central contact point for companies which are looking for support in the fight against product piracy.