Internet Portals

To develop tomorrow’s products, it matters to have the right information, at just the right time, and to select the right instruments to plan and develop these products. Often, what’s missing is not the data or instruments, but rather the information about how to develop and launch new products quickly and reliably on the market. Along with our partners, we currently operate four internet portals to support such processes.

  • provides methods and tools – tools with specific additional aids – and user guidelines for the planning of products for the markets of tomorrow.

  • is a central internet platform for companies wishing to source information, methods, guidelines and qualified partners
    in the field of up-to-date product protection.

  • By connecting research with industry, the platform transfers mechatronics research into everyday practical reality.

  • This portal illustrates the uses and application fields of Virtual Prototyping and Simulations. Its objective: to foster increased long-term performance in product development.

The functionality of these professional portals is divided into
the following areas:

  • Information on the specific topic: Studies, guidebooks, professional articles, books, essays, conference talks, newsletter, events and much more.
  • Ascertaining the demand for action: In which action field does a company have deficits in cross-sectorial comparison?
  • Providing guidelines: With which activities can a company eliminate identified weak points or even take up a pole position?
  • Naming of appropriate methods and instruments for an efficient conduction of activities: checklists, presentations, spreadsheets and much more.
  • Establishment of qualified contacts between providers and consumers of respective services: transfer of designated experts, who support achieving the goals with expert knowledge and methodological competence.