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Strategic Product Planning and Systems Engineering

Identifying and Exploiting Success Potentials of Tomorrow

Product and production system innovations are important levers for ensuring prosper­ity and employment in the future. Mechanical engineering and related areas, such as the automotive industry, are playing a key role today. These sectors demonstrate the relevant success potentials of the future. It is essential to identify these potentials early on and to exploit them at the right time.

Information and communication technology does not just lead to increased productivity. It also leads to the creation of new products and new markets. Our general aim is to increase the innovative strength of industrial companies. We develop methods and procedures.

multidisciplinary: Systems engineering is required to develop these products. Product engineering describes a process that starts with the initial product or business idea and continues until market entry. The process involves three main fields of activity: strategic product planning, product development and product system development.

With all due devotion to Industry 4.0: the rollout and employment of IT systems is the result and not the starting point of a deliberate chain of action.

Effective IT systems need well-structured business processes, which in turn follow an innovative business model. The latter aims at exploiting the potentials of tomorrow. In our bestseller “Futureoriented structuring of companies” we elaborate how companies can find their specific way to Industry 4.0.

Our research focuses are as follows:

Our spin-offs UNITY AG and Smart Mechatronics GmbH, and the Fraunhofer Project Group “Mechatronic Systems Design”, all transfer our research results into real practice.

The aim of our teaching principles: we provide seminars and theses in our research areas. We communicate entrepreneurial and innovation skills.

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