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Research Seminar WS2018/2019

The Research Seminar "Software Engineering" is open to all university members.

It will take place bi-weekly on wednesday from 4 to 5 pm in room F0.231 if no other time or room is given below.

Datum Titel Referent Art Bemerkungen
10.10.2018 An In-Depth Analysis of Shortcuts in the Security Architecture of the .NET Framework Vishnu Kalapur M
Omniscient Debugging for Static Analysis Marcus Nachtigall AM
24.10.2018 Are Smart Contracts really that smart? Ben Hermann EV Raum: FU.511
07.11.2018 cancelled
19.12.2018 Integrating soot-based static analysis tools into IDE with LSP Linghui Luo EV Raum: FU.511

Meaning of the column Art:

  • Mastertheses (M),
  • Inaugural Presentation of a Mastertheses (AM)
  • Bachelortheses (B),
  • Inaugural Presentation of a Bachelortheses (AB)
  • Dissertation (Diss),
  • Interim Report - Dissertation (ZDiss),
  • Project Group (PG),
  • Interim Report of a Project Group (ZPG)
  • Invited Talk (EV)

Interim reports are usually shorter and should present the topic and possibly initial solution ideas