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Research Seminar WS2018/2019

The Research Seminar "Software Engineering" is open to all university members.

It will take place bi-weekly on wednesday from 4 to 5 pm in room F0.231 if no other time or room is given below.

Datum Titel Referent Art Bemerkungen
10.10.2018 An In-Depth Analysis of Shortcuts in the Security Architecture of the .NET Framework Vishnu Kalapur M
Omniscient Debugging for Static Analysis Marcus Nachtigall AM
24.10.2018 Are Smart Contracts really that smart? Ben Hermann EV Raum: FU.511
07.11.2018 cancelled
21.11.2018 Gamifying Static Analysis Lisa Nguyen Quang Do
11.12.2018 Library Minification using Precise Static Program Analysis Michél Burkhardt AM Raum: F0.231
The advantages of using heap snapshots for taint analysis of Android apps Erik Krogh Kristensen EV
19.12.2018 Integrating soot-based static analysis tools into IDE with LSP Linghui Luo EV Raum: FU.511
02.01.2019 cancelled
16.01.2019 Indexing Open Source JavaScript Repositories Ankur Gupta AM
Automating Builds for Open Source Software Thoren Grüttemeier AB
30.01.2019 Path Conditions to Enhance Comprehension of Cryptographic Misuses Sven Erik Vinkemeier AM
Imperative Verfeinerung von Modell-Metamodell-Koevolutionstransformationen Poul Henry Sommer B
13.02.2019 CogniCrypt_GEN - Transforming Security Specifications Into Secure Code Stefan Krüger
13.03.2019 IEC 61131-3 – Programmiersprachen für speicherprogrammierbare Steuerungen Jan Martin Persch
27.03.2019 PhASAR: An Inter-Procedural Static Analysis Framework for C/C++ Philipp Schubert

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