PhD Projects

On this page you will find infomation about our current projects. You will get an overview of our completed projects via the following link:

Completed Projects

Performance Engineering for Self-Adaptive Systems

The resource-efficient operation of software systems is a goal of research and industrie. In order to achieve this , software systems need to...more

Fuzzy Matching of Service Specifications in On-The-Fly Computing

In the vision of “On-The-Fly Computing”, we promotethe automatic composition of services provided on worldwidemarkets. In order discover servicesthat...more

Validation and Refinement of Scenario-based Requirements Specifications for Automotive Systems

The development of automotive systems is characterized by the cooperation between Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers. An OEM...more

Tool-Aided Use of Software Design Patterns in Model-Driven Software Development

When developing complex, long-living software systems, approved design solutions in form of design patterns are applied to achieve desired software...more