The tasks of the HNI computer operation include:

  • the central HNI IT services
  • the services for the HNI workgroups
  • the integration of the IT services provided by the IMT
  • the integration of the IT services provided by the DFN
  • and other services in the area of ​​advice, technical support for media facilities and the training of IT specialists.

A core task in the area of ​​central HNI IT services is the provision of basic services for the HNI networks as well as server services for the functions based on them, such as user management in Active Directory, file service for the home directories of Windows and Linux users, and data backup. Another important area is the maintenance of the HNI web server and the connected publication database. We operate all services in compliance with the current standards for IT security and data protection. For the provision of server services, we operate both server hardware in our data center and virtual servers via participation in the ESX cluster of computer science.

For the HNI workgroups, we operate numerous servers, mostly under Linux, with specialist application software. For the installation of staff, laboratory and pool computers of the workgroups, both operating systems and frequently required applications from the university license program and freely available tools are available via a network installation. We operate our own print servers for the print services of the workgroups.

We take on additional IT services from the offer of the Uni Rechenzentrum (IMT). We take care of the integration into our networks with the workstations and take over the 1st level support. This essentially affects the following services:

  • LAN / WLAN / Firewall
  • Email / Exchange / Mailing lists
  • SharePoint
  • File service
  • Software licenses
  • People manager
  • RIS and Librecat

We also use the services of our "Service Provider" for the German Research Network (DFN)

  • Network security (infected computers)
  • Application security update information
  • Certificates for users (email) and servers
  • Conference services (Adobe Connect, Pexip)

Our other services essentially include offers of help for all employees of the Heinz Nixdorf Institute. The offer ranges from advice on problems in the software and hardware area to support in the selection and purchase of new workstations and the software used on them. We take care of all commonly used seminar rooms and the HNI conference rooms. This involves the selection of media equipment as well as its installation, operation and maintenance. At the request of the workgroups, we can coordinate the testing by external companies for the prescribed periodic inspection of electrical devices in accordance with DIN VDE 0701-0702 DGUV 3/4.

The Heinz Nixdorf Institute has given young people many years of vocational training. In HNI computer operation, we train IT specialists specializing in system integration. The training is supported by an in-house training program organized by all trainers at the University of Paderborn. The interdisciplinary focus of the workgroups at the Heinz Nixdorf Institute gives trainees the opportunity to deal with current industrial and operational issues environment. Together with the school education provided by the Carl Severing Vocational College in Bielefeld, our trainees are optimally prepared for their later professional life. Our trainees make a valuable contribution to the successful implementation of our tasks for the HNI.