User Agreement


  • Damaging hardware and/or software as well as deliberate disturbance of the network operation.
  • Disclosure of passwords (except for pseudo-user ID for project work). The password must be changed immediately if it is known or might be known by another person. The password may not be written down or be attached to a keyboard or mouse.
  • Breaking into the workspace of users to spy on foreign data and the attempt of such activities.
  • Use of the logins for illegal and/or private commercial purposes.
  • Use of unlicensed commercial software/shareware, and creating/storing and/or spreading pirate copies.
  • Installation of additional network services (eg FTP, WWW) without permission of the Network and Systems Administration.
  • Misuse of data, programs and intellectual property of the HNI.
  • Viewing/reading/storing and/or transfer of objects with content that is subject of criminal prosecution or morally objectionable (especially pornographic, violent or racist documents).
  • Sending/forwarding of bulk messages (advertising, political propaganda) and/or chain letters.

Obligations of Users:

  • To take any possible measure to avoid abuse of its own user ID.
  • The use of secure passwords and the observance of and compliance with all other safety instructions of the Network and Systems Administration.
  • The protection of data by setting appropriate access rights.
  • A responsible use of the resources available (disk space, printers, monitors off when leaving the HNI, etc.).
  • To log out when you leave pool areas (screen blocking only for short absences).
  • Follow the information of the Network and System Administration in case of problems with hardware or software, and during disturbances in the network.

Rules for personal webpages:

  • Private webpages may not be secured with a password so only certain people can access them.
  • Do not offer commercial pages or webpages dedicated to political activities.
  • Explicitly differ between HNI activities and personal opinion.
  • Pay attention to Copyrights and other property rights.
  • The Network and Systems Administration may, if in doubt, lock down any page.
  • External webpages may only be mirrored with explicit approval of the Network and Systems Administration.
  • All Pages must have a "Signature" of the person responsible.