IMT - Login

Instruction to create an IMT Login

Open the IMT User Administration and select "Create new Uni-Account (with TAN)".

Enter TAN and "login".

If the TAN was accepted click "continue".

Select the Mathematic or Computer Science Username (if available).

Answer with "Yes" to the question about the HNI Username.

Enter your HNI Login and Password.

If the old HNI Username is not shown enter it into the last input box and select the box in front. If the username is already in use select another one. Select "continue".

Enter a password fitting to the IMTs rules.

Confirm the note.

Read the User Agreement and accept it.

Finished. Now you can administrate your IMT profile.

You have to register your new user at the internal HNI pages after you finished creating the IMT User. This enables us to relate it to our old Logins and to inherit your old data. To register your user account enter your contact data here after loging into the Intranet.