How can I tidy up my profile in Windows 7?

How does the Terminalserver work and what must I keep in mind?

The terminal server HNI-TS can be accessed from the network of the HNI, with VPN or with a SSH tunnel. You need a HNI login to access it. There are certain restrictions on the terminal server which increase its safety. Also there are seperate user profiles on the server, to ensure that these restrictions wont be mixed with those of the user profile. As consequency you will have to set all settings you changed at your workspace again when you connect with the terminal server (i.e. configure the mail client).

How can I change my password?

The password for the HNI equals that of the IMT. It can only be changed in the form of the IMT User Administration.

How do I get remote support?

  • Push "F1" while on the empty desktop. The Help and Support Center will open.
  • Search for "remote" and choose the menu item "Get help with your computer using Windows Remote Assistance"
  • Now choose the menu item "To request help by using Easy Connect" and choose "Click to open Windows Remote Assistance"
  • Now choose the menu item "Invite someone you trust to help you"
  • Now select the item "E-Mail" (Outlook has to be set up) or select "Save File".
  • Now enter a password and send it to your Admin.
  • Now your admin starts up the file.
  • Afterwards you allow the monitoring of you screens content.
  • The Admin can request control of your computer, but you will have to allow this seperately.