How can I change my password?

The password of the HNI corresponds to the password of the IMT. But it can only be changed in the form of the IMT User Administration.

How can I log into another computer with ssh and without having to specify a password?

The SecureShell SSH supports Public Key Authentification. For this you need a pair of Keys: a public and a private one. You can create those with the program "ssh-keygen". Attention: When asked for a passphrase for the private Key you may not enter anything if you wish to work without using a password.

The key will be put into the folder .ssh2 of the home directory. There you have to create two more files: The identity and the authorization. The content should be as followed:

odenbach@robin[~/.ssh2]>>ls -l

total 8
-rw-r--r-- 1 odenbach gurus 22 Sep 26 14:58 authorization
drwx------ 2 odenbach gurus 1024 Oct 16 11:48 hostkeys
-rw------- 1 odenbach gurus 1392 Sep 26 14:57 id_dsa_2048_a
-rw-r--r-- 1 odenbach gurus 1260 Sep 26 14:57 id_dsa_2048_a.pub
-rw-r--r-- 1 odenbach gurus 20 Sep 26 14:58 identification
-rw------- 1 odenbach sct 512 Oct 16 15:42 random_seed
odenbach@robin[~/.ssh2]>>cat identification
IdKey id_dsa_2048_a
odenbach@robin[~/.ssh2]>>cat authorization
Key id_dsa_2048_a.pub

Furthermore it is important to give the rights 701 to the home directory, so the SSH-Server can read the authorization file.