General Questions

I get a new workmate - Workflow to generate a login for the HNI to create a new user

Getting a Useraccount

The new employee/SHK/trainee needs a login from the IMT.

  • IMT-Login is available

  • IMT-Login create through PIA

    • Surf to and choose the "Hier geht's zur Selbstregistrierung" button on the left below.

    • Rolle "Angestellter" for academic and nonacademic staff and "Lehrender" for professors.

    • Fill it completely and write under "Weitere Informationen" the contact person to the TAN is to be sent by internal mail.

    • Go with the TAN on the IMT website and choose Apply Transactionnumber (TAN).

In both cases:

  • You must handed the completed and signed by the user and supervisor login request The Network and Systems Administration. Please tell them also in which "Windows User Groups" your workmate must be invited and if the workmate should be able to edit the webpages.

  • Then Network and Systems Administration will create for employees automatically an Exchange account from the IMT, not so for students.

What to do if the user already exists?

Option1: user exists and is active
Example: user = RIP => MuD FG-admin adds user about groups/MuD/ in to the group hilfskräfte-mud

Option 2: user exists and is locked
Exmaple: user = RIP
a) RIP-FG-admin or RB activated user on people/RIP/Studenten/...
b) goto Option 1

Option 3: user exists and should be moved to MuD
Example: user = RIP
a) RB moves the user manually from RIP to MuD
b) (not finished yet)

Deletion of users:

If you want to delete an employee you must tell it Axel because various tasks associated with it (remove IMT-forwarding, list server redirects, ect., DaSi the home range, converting the account into a contact, ...).

Where can I get login requests?

In the department "Network and Systems Administration" or on the page Login Request as a printable version.

Where can I read the user agreement?

On the page User Agreement

How can I put a picture on the Info column in the entrance?

Information for using the Info Column.

How can I access my data stored in the HNI from home?

Any (UNIX-)PC of the HNI can be accessed from within the university via SSH. The access from outside, however, is limited to one computer. Please use the computer This computer can be accessed from anywhere with SSH or SSH2.

With SSH it is also possible to create tunnels for any port. You can start a session on a terminal server with this and normally work under Windows for example.

Install the Windows Terminal Services client
at your home. Afterwards start SSH and create a tunnel as explained in this example to connect to the computer . Now run the Terminal Services client and enter localhost as server. In the window that opens, you can log in normaly.

How to use the VPN

To use the VPN, you need a HNI login, which has to be activated for the VPN. To activate your login, please contact the computer administration.

You gain access to the VPN via the computer vpn.hni.uni

Out of the VPN it is possible to connect to the Terminal Server HNI-TS.

using Samba shares from Windows computers that are not in the Windows domain of the HNI are currently not possible.

Why are different publications shown from the same person on various locations?

A list of publications that have been entered into the database, is visible on the page If you select a particular employee on and look at his publications, you will get a complete list aswell.

The list of publications, which you get if you go to the page of a research group, and from there select "Publications" or "Employee-> Publications" works differently. Here only the items matching the selected research group will be shown. When changing or creating a publication make sure to select the appropriate research group in step 4, so it will be shown in the corresponding list.

Another special case is the view of SFB 614. If you want that a publication is listed here, you have to select "SFB 614 - TP B2 "
in step 5 when creating or changing the publication.