How is the mailserver of the HNI called?

The HNI uses the mail service of the IMT since March 2006. The server on which the mails can be accessed is therefore called mail.uni-paderborn.de. There are both POP/S and IMAP/S avaiable as protocols. Furthermore, the server can be found at https://webmail.uni-paderborn.de.

Which username and password do I need?

To retrieve and send e-mails on the server of the IMT (mail.uni-paderborn.de) an IMT-login and associated password is required. The HNI-login alone is not sufficient.

Where can I get further Information about the E-mail-services?

More information about the E-mail services on the IMT webpages (German). 

What's my mailing adress?

The mailing adress of the HNI is:




Alternatively you can use


instead of the login.

How can I forward my Emails to another address?

This setting can be done on the User Administration Site of the IMT, menu item "Mailbox". Employees who read their mails with the Exchange Server of the HNI may not adjust the forwards, or they will get no more mails at the Exchange Server.