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Info Column

To add pictures or presentations to the information column send the file with all necessary information, including date and time of transmission, and the time between slides, to Kerstin Hille or if she is not avaible to Bjoern Drueke (on Monday and Friday absent).

The templates for the greeting and an agenda are in the HNI Intranet at: File Manager / HNI Multimedia / Foyer Infosaeule (see below). These are available as PowerPoint files.

Attention: To play without distortion, the images and presentations must have a size of 768x1360 and a resolution of 72 dpi.

Users of the group "Info-Moderatoren" can edit dates for the info column themselves. Information for users of the group "Info-Moderatoren":

Always log into the domain Uni-Paderborn.

For all info moderators using Windows:
Once you log into the domain Uni-Paderborn at a computer of the Heinz Nixdorf Institute, you already have access to the network resource S:\welcome on the information pillar. If this is not the case, you can connect using Extras> Map Network Drive and enter the folder: \ \ infosaeule\welcome, then click the "Finish" button.
In the root directory, youll find the planner and other applications of the information column. In the folder "Präsentationsunterlagen" are templates for the HNI research groups.

Please bear in mind:

  • Files on the information pillar have to be kept in a single name structure -> TTMMJJJJ_AG_Titel, 01072010_RB_Test.pptx for example.
  • The date InfosaeuleStandartPPT.pptx must not be deleted because this is the default display. All dates are placed on top of this display.
  • When two dates are scheduled at the same time, please contact the above persons.

Proceed as follows:

  1.  Start the Planer.exe.
  2.  Enter a new appointment by clicking on "New Entry". (For more information see the PDF file „3.Remote und Termin erstellen“ in the root directory).
  3. Select the file to be displayed.
  4. Click on "Media file (Power Point, video, ...)". 
  5. Set the desired time.
  6. Load a media file. (When asked if you want to copy the file to the root directory, click YES to continue).
  7. Select display mode: "File as full Image".
  8. Save the date.

Note: Images and presentations
always have to run in full screen mode, or there will be white borders.

Information for all Info Moderators who does use a different operating system:
Please connect remotely to the information column computer "Dot", it has the IP On the desktop there is the corresponding link of the Planner. 
You can create an appointment as described in the manual „3. Remote und Termin erstellen“. You can find the file using My Computer under S:\welcome. Please note that Images and presentations always have to run in full screen mode, or there will be white borders.

A more detailed instructions can be found here.