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Jobs for student assistants

Our student assistants are important employees for the Heinz Nixdorf Institute. We quickly give you the chance to work under your own responsibility and so to acquire valuable experience for your upcoming career.

jobs for student assistants

Study, Bachelor and Master Theses

We offer students in technical fields the opportunity to gain insight into a wide range of areas at our Institute while working on project papers or bachelor’s and master’s theses. We provide comprehensive support and supervision of your work and let your results flow into the Institute’s current projects. Thus your academic work is not just for the library shelf but is connected with research projects directed at vital requirements.

Study, Bachelor and Master Theses

Interested in a PhD?

After completion of your studies, we provide the opportunity of obtaining your doctorate. Thus we open the door to an outstanding career start in a wide range of industrial fields. Our research and industry projects offer work that is diverse and interesting in the lively area between science and technology.

jobs for scientific staff

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