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Interested in a PhD?

After completion of your studies, we provide the opportunity of obtaining your doctorate. Thus we open the door to an outstanding career start in a wide range of industrial fields. Our research and industry projects offer work that is diverse and interesting in the lively area between science and technology.

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Projects with MWIDE NRW

Our current projects supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitisation and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (MWIDE NRW):

Pilotproject Schlosskreuzung

DigiBus - Digital Business

Logo DFG

Projects with DFG

Our current projects supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG):

 Special significance is placed on our Collaborative Research Centres. As the DFG states: "Collaborative Research Centres are research units of the universities organized for long-term projects in which scientists and scholars work together in the context of interdisciplinary research programs. […] Special Research Fields facilitate work on demanding, complex research initiatives conceived as long-term efforts through the concentration and coordination of forces present in the university."

SFB 901 „On-The-Fly Computing"

CROSSING – subproject E1 – Secure Integration of Cryptographic Software

REAL100G.com – Mixed-Mode-Baseband für 100 Gbit/s

DisDaS - Distributed Data Stream in Dynamic Environments

Hardware-in-the-Loop-Environment for multi-directional axle testing and design of suspension systems

oFFeDi - Monolithically Integrated Opto-Electronic Frequency Synthesizer in Silicon Photonics

PONyDAC - Precise Optical Nyquist Pulse Synthesizer DAC

PACE - Photonically Assisted Ultrabroadband Analog-to-Digital-Converter

DFG Priority Programme 2111

FutureSoot - Future-proofing the Soot Framework for Program Analysis and Transformation

iART - An Interactive Analysis and Retrieval Tool to Support Image-oriented Research Processes

Multilabel Rule Learning (with TU Darmstadt)

Preference-based Online Learning with Bandit Algorithms

ML-Depth - Weakly Supervised Learning for Depth Estimation in Monocular Images (with TIB Hannover)


An Experimental Approach for the Study of Effective Compliance and Integrity Measures Improving Whistleblowing Behaviors

FutureSoot - Future-proofing the Soot Framework for Program Analysis and Transformation

ZuPro - Future-robust product engineering

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Projects with EU commission

Our current projects supported by the European Commission:


Projects with Dr. Johannes Heidenhain-Stiftung GmbH

Our current projects supported by the Dr. Johannes Heidenhain-Stiftung GmbH (Dr. Johannes Heidenhain-Stiftung GmbH):

Graduiertennetzwerk - Digitale Souveränität in der Wirtschaft

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