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Design technique for mechatronics

Systems Engineering for intelligent systems

The visualization forms the basis for designing intelligent systems in order to guarantee already in the early conception phase a reliable evidence of the function as well as to point out the necessary components. Our main goal is to enhance the significance of the simulation models as well as the product features derived from the model so that it is possible to reduce the studies on elaborately produced prototypes.

The development of intelligent systems is mainly established by the interaction between different subject areas and the reuse of proven partial solutions. This is why we are working on the advancement of the design technique which supports explicitly a system visualization with different technical subject areas. Even during the conception phase, it is intended to show model-based evidence of functionality of the principle solution with the help of idealized simulation models. In the following elaboration phase, parallel working specialist teams are drawing up components and are creating detailed simulation models. A multidisciplinary coordination guarantees the consistency of the entire system.

Design process of mechatronic systems

We are doing research on the further development of the design technique and are working on its practical support and application in such topics as: