Control Design

Control Engineering of Intelligent Technical Systems

The application of modern control engineering methods enables a technical system to accomplish complex tasks. The research group Control Engineering and Mechatronics develops and implements novel control concepts, which enable technical systems to react intelligently. The system’s inherent intelligence can be realized e.g. by adaption strategies or self-optimization.

Through detailed modeling as a preliminary work for control engineering methods, profound knowledge of the examined system is generated. The deduced mathematical description enables the use of further methods. One option is e.g. the optimization of the system behavior in order to deploy resources efficiently. In this context, optimization methods can be used for the trajectory planning of dynamical systems or in multiple control applications. Another example is the implementation of learning algorithms for technical systems. In this way, recurrent disturbances can be identified and subsequently compensated by the usage of appropriate methods. Thus, modern control engineering methods open up new possibilities for the development of intelligent technical systems for tomorrow.


Double Pendulum

 Research focuses in the field of control engineering of intelligent technical systems are