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Regional Platforms for Education

Development and Support of Regional Platforms for Education

The Heinz Nixdorf Institute is one of the pioneers in the field of e-learning. For more than 20 years, Internet-based services have been designed, developed and used to support teaching and learning. The suitability for everyday use has been proved over many years in a number of successfully established regional networks for education.

“Lernstatt Paderborn” is a city-wide low-maintenance infrastructure for all schools. In addition to networked places for learning and working as well as facilities for presentations, a major focus is on providing services that allow pupils and teachers to actively work on the Internet, supporting individual and cooperative learning processes with digital media in the best possible way. With the project Lernstatt 2020, the use of mobile devices will be supported in all schools, thus making digital media available throughout all learning processes. Representatives of the Heinz Nixdorf Institute offer their expertise on future developments by way of an advisory council.

“Education in Dialogue” is a platform to support work and communication in order to facilitate individual and cooperative work in schools in Ostwestfalen-Lippe. This educational network is available to anyone involved in education in order to allow them to collaborate under just one roof. Cooperation with partners outside school (companies, authorities or public institutions) is a major focus of the education partnership that the Bezirksregierung Detmold, Paderborn University and InnoZent OWL e. V. have agreed on. On the one hand, education in schools benefits from the use of digital media while, on the other hand, the transition from school to working life is also eased.

The innovative MokoDesk has been developed for the specific purpose of supporting and supervising learners with disrupted learning pathways. A virtual desktop – implemented via the MokoDesk, which is a web application that was awarded the E-Learning Award at Didacta, Germany’s largest trade fair for education – allows teachers who have been invited by the students to be their mentors to assess the educational needs of individual students, support them according to their needs, provide appropriate learning material and discuss the learning content of the virtual lessons. By these means, students who cannot participate regularly in school classes can be supported in learning to enable them to graduate from school.