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Collaborative Research Centre 614

CRC 614 “Self-Optimising Concepts and Structures in Mechanical Engineering”

The Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) 614 has been completed successfully after eleven years of funding. It combines the greatest strengths of the University of Paderborn and the Heinz Nixdorf Institute, the symbiosis of computer science, engineering and mathematics. This success story is being continued within the BMBF-leadingedge cluster “it’s OWL” (Intelligent Technical Systems OstWestfalenLippe).

Machines are omnipresent. They produce, they transport. Machines facilitate and aid work. The increasing fusion of mechanical engineering with information technology has brought about considerable benefits for mechanical engineering and related industries. The behaviour of these systems is formed by the communication and cooperation of the intelligent systems’ elements. These capabilities open up fascinating prospects regarding the design of future mechanical systems. The term self-optimisation characterises this perspective: Selfoptimisation is the endogenous adaptation of the system’s objectives due to changing operational conditions and the resulting autonomous adjustment of the system’s behaviour.

Aspects of a self-optimizing system
Aspects of Solution Pattern for the Conceptual Design of Self-Optimizing systems

The CRC has opened up the active paradigm of self-optimisation for mechanical engineering and developed a design methodology that enables others to develop self-optimising systems. The outstanding results have been merged so that practitioners can benefit from the potentials of self-optimisation.

The virtual exhibition of the CRC informs the visitors about the results interactively (www.sfb614.de/en). The 3 demonstrators serve as application examples: the X-by-Wire test vehicle Chameleon, the miniature robot BeBot and the rail vehicle RailCab. The design methodolgy as well as methods to improve the dependability of self-optimising systems has been published in two books by Springer Verlag.

Miniature Robot „BeBot“
X-by-Wire Test Vehicle „Chameleon“
Railway Vehicle „RailCab“