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Mertin, Sven;Buse, Dominik;Franke, Mario;Trächtler, Ansgar;Gausemeier, Sandra;Dressler, Falko:

Proof-of-Concept einer komplexen Co-Simulationsumgebung für einen Fahrsimulator zur Untersuchung von Car2X-Kommunikations-Szenarien.

In: VDI/VDE AUTOREG 2019, 9. VDI/VDE-Fachtagung AUTOREG, pp. 159-170, Mannheim, Deutschland, July 2019 Verein Deutscher Ingenieure, VDI Verlag Düsseldorf


For the progressive development of modern Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS), a wide variety of simulation environments are used nowadays. Driving simulators of various degrees of complexity exist for virtual test drives, traffic simulations involving external traffic for the investigation of complex road networks as well as simulation environments for communication between vehicles (Car2X communication). Each of these simulation environments serves a specific purpose, but so far there are no solutions to combine all mentioned functions in one overall simulation. This article therefore shows a proof-of-concept of a co-simulation environment that combines the above mentioned functions. The presented simulation environment provides a human driver to have a virtual driving experience in a driving simulator with intelligent external traffic and Car2X communication. Challenges for the synchronization of the individual simulations and the fulfillment of real-time conditions to theoverall system are shown and an evaluation of the performance is carried out. A simple test scenario for a networked ADAS completes the contribution.


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