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Altemeier, Björn;Gausemeier, Pia;Sickmann, Sebastian;Frank, Maximilian:

Strategische kompetenzorientierte Ausrichtung der Wertschöpfungsstruktur aus Perspektive der Produktion.

In: Gausemeier, Jürgen;Bauer, Wilhelm;Dumitrescu, Roman (eds.) : Vorausschau und Technologieplanung, Symposium für Vorausschau und Technologieplanung, volume 385 , pp. 365-389, Nov 2018, Verlagsschriftenreihe des Heinz Nixdorf Instituts, Paderborn


The production unit Professional at Miele & Cie. in Bielefeld has set itself the strategic goal of transforming stock production into customer-order-oriented production. In Bielefeld, devices for rinsing and medical applications are produced in high production depth and in small quantities. However, the trend towards further reduction of lot and order sizes is increasing. Therefore, an increase of productivity in this environment is only possible by continuously reducing the lead time. This requires an improvement of machine and personnel flexibility, stability of parts supply and quality of produced components and end devices. In addition to the demanding requirements to quality of Miele´s products, the Act on Medical Devices causes high complex-ity of the products. Thus, the employees' competence in production is crucial. The analysis of the entire value stream from the supplier to the customer is essential for the strategic competence-oriented development of the value creation structure. For this reason, the first step was to analyse the current situation of the value creation structure and the technologies used. Afterwards, the technologies were evaluated with regard to their strategic relevance and the competencies available in Professional´s production unit. Potential alternative technologies were also identified for prioritized technologies. Against the background of competence planning, it was finally determined which technologies should be applied by the company itself and which production steps should be outsourced to suppliers. The article presents both the method developed and the results of validation for the development of the production unit of Miele Professional in Bielefeld.


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