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Gudyriev, Sergiy;Kress, Christian;Zwickel, Heiner ;Kemal, Juned N.;Lischke, Stefan ;Zimmermann, Lars ;Koos, Christian;Scheytt, Christoph:

Coherent ePIC Receiver for 64 GBaud QPSK in 0.25μm Photonic BiCMOS Technology.

IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology : pp. 1-1, Nov 2018


In this paper we present a monolithically integrated coherent receiver with on-chip grating couplers, 90° hybrid, photodiodes and transimpedance amplifiers. A transimpedance gain of 7.7kΩ was achieved by the amplifiers. An opto-electrical 3dB bandwidth of 34GHz for in-phase and quadrature channel was measured. Real-time data transmission of 64GBd-QPSK (128Gb/s) for a single polarization was performed.




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