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Abughannam, Saed;Scheytt, Christoph:

System Analysis of a Wake-Up Receiver Based on Surface Acoustic Wave Correlator.

In: 2nd URSI AT-RASC, pp. 1-4, Spain/Meloneras, May 28 - June 1, 2018, IEEE


This paper demonstrates system level analysis of an energy efficient Radio Frequency (RF) receiver. The receiver is based on a Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) correlator which is used for highly linear demodulation and interferer suppression in conjunction with envelope detection for ultra-low power dissipation and hardware efficiency. The receiver is to be used in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) as a Wake-up Receiver (WuR) to reduce the network nodes power dissipation and provide asynchronous data communication. Low latency and high interference robustness makes this scheme interesting for industrial real-time applications. In this paper, the SAW correlator transfer function is derived, which functions as a Matched Filter (MF). Since the receiver uses envelope detection and based on the characteristic of the SAW, the receiver sensitivity is analyzed by means of a non-linear approach.




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