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Fockel, Markus;Holtmann, Jörg;Koch, Thorsten;Schmelter, David:

Model-based Requirement Pattern Catalog.

tr-ri-17-354, Paderborn, Germany, Oct 2017


Scenario-based requirements engineering addresses the message-based coordination of software-intensive systems and enables, if underpinned with formal languages, automatic requirements validation techniques for improving the quality of a requirements specification. One of such requirements engineering approaches bases on a recent visual Live Sequence Chart variant compliant to the Unified Modeling Language, so-called Modal Sequence Diagrams (MSDs). The usage of patterns is known to be constructive thanks to assembling solutions by means of reusable building blocks that are proven in practice, so that recurring problems do not need to be solved over and over again. Thus, patterns also gained momentum in the area of requirements documentation. In this technical report, we introduce a model- and scenario-based pattern catalog for MSD requirements. Our MSD requirement pattern catalog consolidates and unifies 86 requirement patterns from three well-known, practice-oriented requirement pattern catalogs, each covering different aspects.




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