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Brandt, Sascha;Fischer, Matthias:

Automatische Ableitung der Transportwege von Transportsystemen aus dem 3D-Polygonmodell.

In: Wissenschaftsforum Intelligente Technische Systeme (WInTeSys) 2017, volume 369 , pp. 415--427, May 11 - 12, 2017 Heinz Nixdorf Institut, Verlagsschriftenreihe des Heinz Nixdorf Instituts, Paderborn


In the CAD-supported development of technical systems (machines, plants, etc.), virtual prototypes are looked at as part of a virtual design review with the help of a VR system in order to recognize faults and improvement needs at an early stage. An important object of investigation is the analysis of transport paths for material transport using conveyor belts, conveyor chains or rail-based transport systems. These transport paths are animated in the VR system. One problem is that the motion paths of transport systems are often not modeled in the underlying CAD model or only implied, since they are not relevant for the construction (i.e., individual chain links are not modeled). Furthermore, the required information about a motion path can get lost during conversion of the data into the VR system. When animating these transport systems in a VR system, the transport paths have to be remodeled manually. The goal of this work is the reduction of the necessary manual post-processing effort for a virtual design review by automatically calculating the animation paths along a transport system. An algorithm is presented, which allows the automatic reconstruction of motion paths from the raw three-dimensional polygon data of a transport system with minimal manual user effort.


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