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Echterhoff, Benedikt;Hagelskamp, Thomas;Rabe, Martin;Gausemeier, Jürgen:

Developing functionally validated business concepts.

In: Proceedings of the 2017 ISPIM Innovation Conference, 2017 International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM), ISPIM Innovation Forum


Nowadays business model innovation has become a task, every company has to face in order to stay competitive. Even though, good business concepts are created every day, only few of them make their way from paper to real business. This is mostly due to insufficient validation of the business concept during business model development: How can critical business hypotheses be identified? Which experiments are suited for testing these hypotheses? How can we make sure to draw the right conclusions and improve the business concept step by step? Even though the literature on business model innovation is extensive, business concept validation is covered seldomly. The paper at hand presents a methodology for developing functionally validated business concepts. Key components are a pattern-based approach for business concept development, a hypothesis priority and effects analysis and a decision tree for matching hypotheses with business experiments suited for validating them.


Developing functionally validated business concepts.pdf


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