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Bernijazov, Ruslan:

Early Timing Analysis of Scenario-based Software Requirements.

Master's Thesis, Paderborn University, Paderborn, Germany, June 2017


The advances in the field of information and communication technology of the last decades pave the way for the development of interconnected and intelligent technical systems, the so-called Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). These systems utilize communication technology for coordination with other CPS and employ embedded software in order to provide sophisticated functionality. CPS often operate under hard real-time constraints. The compliance of the embedded software with these constraints strongly depends on properties of the execution platform. Timing analyses are utilized in order to estimate the execution platform’s impact on the timing behavior of the software. However, existing approaches for timing analyses can only be used in late development phases. In turn, in early development phases, requirements specification formalisms like Modal Sequence Diagrams (MSDs) are employed in order to formally specify the requirements on the system. Despite the fact, that information about the execution platform is often already available in early development phases, this information is not fully utilized by existing analysis approaches for MSDs. In this thesis, we provide concepts for an early timing analysis of MSDs that considers the effects of the execution platform. To this end, we identify timing-relevant properties of the execution platform and their effects on the timing-behavior of the system, develop a modeling concept that enables the formalization of these properties, and extend the MSD semantics in order to support early timing analyses. The formalization of the new semantics is achieved by means of a mapping from the MSD language to a model of computation that is based on the MARTE Time Model and its companion language CCSL. Furthermore, we provide a prototypical implementation of these concepts, a process model for early timing analyses of MSDs, and illustrate the application of the developed concepts on an example.




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