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Abdelgawad, Kareem;Gausemeier, Jürgen;Trächtler, Ansgar;Gausemeier, Sandra;Dumitrescu, Roman;Berssenbrügge, Jan;Stöcklein, Jörg;Grafe, Michael:

An Application-Oriented Design Method for Networked Driving Simulation.

In: Designs ‒ International Journal of Engineering Designs, volume 1 , pp. 6.1-6.47, Basel, Switzerland, Sep 2017, MDPI AG


Autonomous and cooperative vehicle systems represent a key priority in the automotive realm. Networked driving simulation can be utilized as a safe, cost-effective experimental replica of real traffic environments in order to support and accelerate the development of such systems. In networked driving simulation, different independent systems collaborate to achieve a common task: multi-driver traffic scenario simulation. Yet distinct system complexity levels are necessary to fulfill the requirements of various application scenarios, such as development of vehicle systems, analysis of driving behavior, and training of drivers. With myriad alternatives of available systems and components, developers of networked driving simulation are typically confronted with high design complexity. There are no systematic approaches to date for the design of networked driving simulation in accordance with the specific requirements of the concerned application scenarios. This paper presents a novel design method for networked driving simulation. The method consists mainly of a procedure model that is accompanied by a configuration software. The procedure model includes the necessary phases for the systematic design of application-oriented platforms for networked driving simulation. The configuration software embeds supportive decision-making processes that enable developers to apply the design method and easily create different system models. The design method was validated by generating system models and developing platforms of networked driving simulation for three different application scenarios.


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