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Abdelgawad, Kareem;Henning, Sven;Biemelt, Patrick;Gausemeier, Sandra;Trächtler, Ansgar:

Networked Driving Simulation for Future Autonomous and Cooperative Vehicle Systems.

In: VDI/VDE (AUTOREG 2017), 8. VDI/VDE-Fachtagung AUTOREG, Berlin, Germany, July 2017 Verein Deutscher Ingenieure, VDI-Verlag, Düsseldorf


In networked driving simulation, two or more human drivers interact in a common virtual environment and form a much closer approximation of real-world traffic with its unpredictability. This paper presents the structure of a modular platform for networked driving simulation based on the IEEE standard High-level architecture (HLA). The platform serves as a virtual prototyping tool for development, test, and training purposes with respect to future autonomous and connected vehicle systems. Two driving simulators, a traffic simulator, a data logger, and a central station represent the primary components of the developed platform. A simulation model of an autonomous driving system was utilized and a group of test persons was involved to show the usability and validity of the developed platform.


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